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Creating Musicians One Lesson At a Time

Rock House Curriculum


The Rock House Method is a ground breaking new system of learning that incorporates all genres of music into a complete applied learning experience. Our goal is to engage the student and make learning fun and effective. Our certified instructors provide one-on-one instruction that focuses on examples from today’s music, incorporating the most common progressions used in thousands of hit songs. The Rock House Method award-winning curriculum books come with lots of extra support, audio backing tracks, worksheets, video demonstrations and our state of the art “Lesson Support” website to offer the most comprehensive and effective learning system available. The Rock House Method has proven itself effective to over 2.5 million musicians worldwide. Now you can be the next to fulfill your dream and learn to play music.

Interactive Quiz System

Rock House takes the guessing out of how each student is progressing. In the past the school, storeowner, and parent had no way to gauge the progress of the student. Now the teacher has a way to show the success of each student. Throughout each book students are asked to take quizzes that are graded and sent to the teacher, parent, and student so you can gauge the progress of each student. It is important to test the students' knowledge before the progress so they can learn effectively.

Rock House Talent Show Case

Rock House knows that learning music isn’t enough; you need to learn how to apply what you learn and interact with other musicians. Periodically our schools hold Talent Showcases where the students perform solo or are paired together to form bands and perform live on stage. This gives our students a chance to show how their hard work has helped them rock out live in concert!

Teacher Editions & Certifications

At Rock House we know that the most important part of a successful music learning experience is to have a teacher that has a curriculum with a clear path laid out for success. Each of our curriculum books has a teacher’s edition that helps teachers offer the most complete learning experience possible. For each lesson, the Teacher's Edition include lesson quick tips, play along examples and teachers notes that provide teachers with ideas and insight on how to teach each lesson. Rock House is building a community of teachers working together to help make the teaching process fun and easy and the learning experience fun and effective. Many lessons will have accompanying worksheets, audio demonstrations and full band backing tracks to help students learn by listening and applying examples during the lesson and while practicing at home.