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Rock House Method Learning System


The Rock House Method is a groundbreaking system of learning that incorporates all genres of music into a complete, applied-learning experience. Our goal is to engage the student and make learning fun and effective. Our certified instructors provide one-on-one instruction that focuses on examples from today’s music while incorporating the most common progressions used in thousands of hit songs. The award-winning Rock House Method curriculum books come with lots of extra support, audio backing tracks, worksheets, video demonstrations and our state of the art “Lesson Support” website. This all combines to offer the most comprehensive and effective learning system available. The Rock House Method is proven effective, teaching over 2.5 million musicians worldwide. Now you can be the next to fulfill your dream and learn to play music.

Interactive Quiz System

Throughout each book students are asked to take quizzes on-line that are graded and sent to the teacher and parent or student, so we can gauge their progress. It is important to test the student’s knowledge regularly and review any lessons that need improving before progressing. This ensures each student is learning at the highest level in a fast and effective manner.

Rock House Performance

In addition to private lessons in all instruments we also hold various events to give our students an opportunity to perform and interact with other musicians. If you have the ambition to perform, we have your back and will get you on stage in front of people. Some of the events we hold are:

 - Rock House TKM Youth Open Mic Night

The Rock House TKM (Teach Kids Music) Youth Open Mic is one of our most popular events and is always FREE. Held monthly, we encourage our students ages 20 and under to come perform the songs they have been practicing. Sign up boards are located at each school location for students to post what songs they are playing. Students either play solo, along with a YouTube video, to a backing track or along with other musicians. Parents, family and friends are always welcome to come watch and have fun. You can find information about dates for these events from our Facebook page:

 - Rock House Talent Showcase

Rock House Schools hold Talent Showcases several times a year where the students perform songs in an ensemble fashion. These events are usually themed (Classic Rock, Beatles, Best of the 50’s etc.) and are held in a theater setting. Students of all levels and ages perform together. These concerts give our students a chance to shine and rock out live in concert!

Certified Teachers

A successful learning experience starts by providing teachers with tools and a curriculum that has a clear path for success. Teachers are trained and certified to teach each lesson in the Rock House Method curriculum to the highest level. Audio demonstrations and full band backing tracks are used in the lessons and while practicing at home, this helps students learn by listening and applying. Teachers also use worksheets, practice logs and lesson assignment sheets to ensure the most complete learning system available. Every student is given an “Ultimate Song List” when they start; here they list up to 25 songs they would love to learn. Teachers use this song list to cater the lesson plan to each student. Rock House has built a community of teachers working together to help make the teaching process thorough and the learning experience fun and effective.