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Guitar Lessons

Rock House Guitar Curriculum

Our award-winning Curriculum consists of a three book series that starts from the first time a student sees a guitar and takes you to the most advanced level for acoustic or electric guitar and all genres of music. Learn chords, rhythms, song progressions, scales, melodies, lead techniques and complete songs. Throughout each book students are asked to play examples and apply what they are learning musically which makes playing guitar fun. Use the audio demonstrations, full band backing tracks and the on-line lesson support to create a complete effective learning experience.

Rock House also offers supplemental books to enhance learning and focus on special techniques and genres. Some of these books are: 

  •  Reading Music for Guitar

  •  The Only Chord Book You Will Ever Need

  •  Modes Demystified

  •  Master Blues Guitar

  •  FretBoard Autopsy

  •  Arpeggio Madness

From A to Z we offer everything you need to play guitar! 

We offer guitar lessons in our two locations West Haven and Wallingford and all surrounding towns and cities. Rock House is the best place to learn to play music!