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Rock House Student Spotlight


Rock House School of Music is a community of students, teachers and parents that all come together to help and support each other on our musical journey. By working hard together with passion we develop the best students in the world! Even with the best support system it takes hours or hard work and determination from the student to successfully learn to play an instrument. In this section we spotlight and honor students that put in that extra something that makes them shine. We are VERY proud of our students!

The Wallman Family


This student spotlight is truly special as it shines on the talented Wallman family: Harris, Ray, and their father, Keith! Harris, aged 9, and Ray, aged 12, share a passion for music, with Ray mastering the guitar and Harris adeptly handling the bass guitar as well as the piano. Their musical journey began with lessons a few years ago, and since then, their skills have only flourished.


During one of our summer band camps, they crossed paths with vocalist Maximus, guitar player Matteo, and drummer Antonio, leading to the formation of their band, Meltdown. Despite their young age, Meltdown has graced stages at prestigious events such as the West Haven Fireworks, Celebrate Wallingford Festival, WPLR Toy Drive, and numerous open mic nights. Guided by their instructor, John Blues McCarthy, Ray and Harris have been exploring songs from iconic bands like Metallica, AC/DC, Blink-182, Nirvana, and more. These kids exhibit a musical prowess well beyond their years, captivating any audience fortunate enough to listen. 


Keith Wallman, the proud father of Ray and Harris, was inspired by his children and decided to embark on his own musical journey by learning the banjo. He has already showcased his newfound talent at one of our open mic events, serenading the audience with a song from his wedding and surprising his wife, Sarah. Keith is currently taking lessons with instructor Shawn "Chewy" Chua.


The Wallmans inspire us with their dedication to making music a cherished family activity. We eagerly anticipate their future performances, and if you have the opportunity to witness Meltdown live, be sure to secure their autographs because these young stars are destined for greatness!